How Can We Help You ?

OEM and Prototype Custom Machining

O.E.M. machine parts per customer sketches, engineered drawings, or specifications

Prototypes – one to small quantity pre-production machined parts

Medical and Consumer Products

Service and Repair

Reverse Engineered Machined Parts from a customer sample.

Scientific Research Equipment

Product Test Development

Food Processing

Material Handling

Light Assembly

Per customer request, we do small assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Tri-County Machining can provide a broad array of services to its customers. It does not matter if you are interested in machining a very simplistic part or a very complex part. If you are in need of just one part, one hundred parts, or one thousand parts, Tri-County Machining can help you.

Maybe you just need your equipment repaired or you are interested in modifying your equipment, Tri-County Machining can help you with that as well.

Are you the person struggling with bringing forth an innovative idea to fruition, Tri-County Machining innovative employees can help you make your innovative idea a reality.

Regardless of what type of customer you are, Tri-County Machining likes to work with their customers to reduce manufacturing costs, knowing that saving money leads to greater profitability and to a stronger partnership.

We very well know you have probably searched the web to find a suitable vendor to make your part or to repair your equipment; and we highly encourage you to do that. What you will frequently stumble upon is a company will list an endless array of equipment to show their capabilities. This endless of equipment may leave a person perplexed as to what does this mean in getting what you need, and if so, you are not alone.

This list has nothing to do with the service you will receive, nor the quality of the parts being made.

This list of equipment maybe useful for some customers as we too have a list of equipment on our website, but Tri-County Machining is more focused on delivering quality solutions whatever they may be in order to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Tri-County Machining has partnered with companies to broaden our services that we can offer to our customers. Tri-County Machining wants to be the company you think of when you need something made, repaired, modified or whatever it may be.

Regardless of what kind of customer you are, Tri-County Machining’s reputation is built upon bringing value beyond the transactional cost of making, repairing, or modifying a part. It is Tri-County Machining philosophy that if you succeed, Tri-County Machining will also succeed.

Send us an email or give us call, we can help you.