About Us

Who We Are

The second generation is in process of taking the helm at Tri-County Machining.  Peter Sommi and Steve Sommi have taken a stake in ownership of Tri-County Machining while Butch and Jane Sommi maintain majority ownership of the business and are the stewards of this small business.

Tri-County Machining was established in 1995 and in 2007, Tri-County Machining moved into their current 22,000 square foot facility that is located off County Road O in Appleton Wisconsin.Tri-County Machining continues to focus on the customer as this is what they do best. This collaborative customer focus combined with their innovative flair meanwhile delivering a quality product at a competitive price enabled them to steadily grow their business. Regardless of what kind of customer you are, Tri-County Machining’s reputation is built upon bringing value beyond the transactional cost of making a part.  It is Tri-County Machining philosophy that if you succeed, Tri-County Machining will also succeed.


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