About Us

Tri-County Machining started out like many other small business owners.  Randy Kaminski, Butch Sommi, and Jane Sommi wanted more from life as their desires and ambitions differed from their current career path. 

In 1995, Randy, Butch, and Jane took a huge risk in walking away from a secure paycheck to set out into a life of uncertain financial income to forge a new business.  Their business; Tri-County Machine entered an already crowded and established business segment of machine shops. 


Randy, Butch, and Jane started their business by purchasing two manual mills and some basic machine tool equipment and then setup shop in a family friend’s pole barn.

Only after six months, Tri-County Machining quickly grew and moved into a large vacant space that allowed for growth.  During this time, Tri-County Machining gained a foothold in this crowded business segment, meanwhile, Randy and Butch continually refined and focused on what they do best, and that is to provide value beyond the transactional aspect of making a part. 

Randy, Butch, and Jane saw this customer focus as an advantage as they work with their customers to reduce cost of manufacturability, worked with customer’s designers for complex parts and assemblies, and helped other customers that did not have the wherewithal on how to take their innovative ideas to reality. 

Randy, Butch, and Jane are very aware that any of their customers could have gone to a host of other machine shops to have their parts made, but they choose to come to Tri-County Machining because the value they received transcends the transaction value of making a part.   

This collaborative customer focus combined with their innovative flair enabled them to steadily build upon their reputation that more overly grew by word of mouth.  In 2007, Tri-County Machining moved into their current 22,000 square foot facility that is located off County Road O in Appleton Wisconsin.

Regardless of what kind of customer you are, Tri-County Machining’s reputation is built upon bringing value beyond the transactional cost of making a part.  It is Tri-County Machining philosophy that if you succeed, Tri-County Machining will also succeed.

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